Lisa Lewis is a local artist that we had the pleasure of meeting recently. We love her work and were really excited to be able to use some of her artwork in a WN Interiors project.

Lisa’s own words probably best describe her work.


“Many of my paintings are based on light created at dusk or night. I work a lot with muted tones and use saturated colours economically. I’d like to think that I’m sensitive toward the palette the world is presented in – I don’t consciously set out with an end in mind, but I hope to stop when it presents itself. I’m involved in the way marks connect, like fingers locking, or the effect one mark can make on the scale and space of another… it is an infinite language…”


Below are some examples of her work but we strongly recommend heading over to her website to see her full portfolio.









01202 900866

Thera House, 45a Commercial Road, Poole, BH14 0HU